Catheter cartridge assemblies and methods of using the same for intermittent catheterization

Ensembles cartouche de catheter et leurs procedes d'utilisation pour un catheterisme intermittent


A catheter cartridge assembly (10) includes a cartridge (12) and a catheter member (14). The cartridge has a cartridge housing (58) with proximal and distal ends (60, 62). A pre-loaded tip (16) and a protective sleeve (40) associated with the pre-loaded tip are at least partially positioned within the cartridge housing. The catheter member has a proximal end configured to be advanced proximally into and through the cartridge housing to engage a distal end of the pre-loaded tip for proximal advancement out of the proximal end of the cartridge housing with the pre-loaded tip, with the protective sleeve covering at least a portion of the catheter member.




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