Plateforme d'inspection de plan d'essai

Test plan inspection platform


A device may receive test plan information, associated with a test plan for performing a test of an application, including information associated with a use case for which the application is to be tested. The device may obtain a test plan inspection model, associated with analyzing the test plan, including test plan rules. A test plan rule, of the test plan rules, may be associated with a condition for identifying a crowd-sourcing issue associated with implementing the test plan using crowd-sourced testing. The device may determine, based on the test plan information and the test plan rule, whether the condition is satisfied. The device may identify, based on whether the condition is satisfied, the crowd-sourcing issue as being associated with the test plan. The device may generate a recommendation associated with the crowd-sourcing issue. The device may provide information associated with the crowd-sourcing issue or information associated with the recommendation.




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