Composition de revetement lubrifiant solide, raccord filete pour tuyau ou tube comportant le revetement lubrifiant solide forme a partir de la composition et methode de productiond'un raccord filete

Composition for solid lubricating coating, threaded connection for pipe or tube including the solid lubricating coating formed from the composition, and method of producing the threaded connection


Provided are: a threaded joint for pipes that, even in an extremely low-temperature environment and without using a compound grease, suppresses the generation of rust, exhibits excellent seizure resistance and airtightness, and has a surface that is unlikely to be sticky; a production method therefor; and a composition for forming a solid lubricant coating on the threaded joint for pipes. A solid lubricant coating (24) formed from a composition containing a binding agent, a fluorine-based additive, a solid lubricant, and an anti-rust additive is coated, as an uppermost surface treatment coating, on the contact surface of at least either a pin or a box. The solid lubricant coating (24) is capable of maintaining adhesiveness even if exposed to extremely low-temperature environments, is capable of exhibiting a lubrication-applying function, is capable of suppressing thread joint seizure, and is capable of ensuring airtightness after fastening.




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