The invention relates to a method for producing an annular active part of an electric machine. The active part has ring segment-shaped sections (1) with grooves (2) for receiving electric conductors (3). The invention further relates to such a ring segment-shaped section (1), an electric machine with such a section (1), and a mill with such an electric machine. Lastly, the invention relates to a service method for such an electric machine or such a mill. The aim of the invention is an inexpensive assembly of an electric machine. This is achieved by, among others, the following method steps: - forming sections (1) with the grooves (2), - providing at least two, preferably three, galvanically separated electric conductors (3), each electric conductor (3) being designed so as to be arrangeable in at least two different grooves (2) of each section (1) such that the electric conductors run in opposite directions, - insulating each electric conductor (3) with a respective electrically insulating insulation layer (4), - impregnating each insulation layer (4) of each electric conductor (3) with an impregnating agent, - introducing each insulated and impregnated electric conductor (3) into the at least two different grooves (2) of each section (1), - transporting each section (1) together with each electric conductor (3) introduced into the section to an assembly and/or operating location of the electric machine, - and assembling the annular active part by joining at least two of the sections (2) by means of at least one respective connection (5).




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