Process of extracting gold and silver from ores and mining by-products

Procede permettant d'extraire de l'or et de l'argent a partir de minerais et de sous-produits d'exploitation miniere


The invention relates to a process for the extraction of gold and silver from ores and mining by-products. The process according to invention consists in treating ores and mining residues having a content of 0.5... 12 ppm Au with a solution of ammonium thiosulphate, recycled at a temperature of 15 - 25°C; the filtrate resulting after solubilization is subjected to an electrolytic extraction with high-alloy electrodes with a current density of 200...250 A/m2, until the electrolyte reach a concentration of 5-15 ppm Au, 1-100 ppm Ag and 0.1 - 1.0 g/1 Cu; afterwards, the separated cement is filtered off and dissolved in aqueous ammonia, dried at a temperature of 105°C and melted at a temperature of 1200°C, resulting a Au-Ag alloy, which is processed by electrochemical and thermal refining operations, from which there are obtained Au and Ag of high purity.




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