Appareil et procede personnalisables pour transporter et deposer des fluides

Customizable apparatus and method for transporting and depositing fluids


A rotating roll for depositing a fluid on a substrate is disclosed. The rotating roll (10) has a central longitudinal axis (12), wherein the rotating roll rotates about the central longitudinal axis. The rotating roll can have an exterior surface (14) defining an interior region (16) and a vascular network (18) configured for transporting the fluid in predetermined paths from an interior region to the exterior surface of the rotating roll. The vascular network (18) can have a main artery (22), a first capillary (24) and a plurality of fluid exits (30) on the exterior surface. The main artery (22) can have an inlet (28) and is substantially parallel to the central longitudinal axis (12) of the rotating roll. Fluid enters the vascular network at the inlet (28) and exits through substantially radial fluid paths to form a first tree (23).




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