A method and system for cleaning beverage dispensing systems

Procede et systeme pour le nettoyage des systemes de distribution de boissons


A cleaning system for a beverage dispenser, comprising a drainage conduit for connecting an outlet of the beverage to a drain, the drainage conduit comprising: an inlet at one end thereof connected to the outlet of the beverage dispensing system, an outlet at an opposite end of the conduit, a valve between the inlet and outlet, opening at a preset pressure. A method of cleaning a beverage dispensing system comprising a plurality of beverage dispensing conduits, using a cleaning system with pressure-actuated valves. A beverage dispensing tap comprising an inlet, an outlet and a valve between the inlet and outlet, opening at preset pressure. A beverage conduit cleaning system comprising a portable alarm device including a timer and an alarm, the alarm being activated after a predetermined time in response to the removal of the portable alarm, the alarm being removable from the beverage cleaning system.




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