Cradle for proppant container having tapered box guides

Arceau pour contenant d'agent de soutenement presentant des guides de boitier effiles


Embodiments of the present disclosure include an apparatus to support a proppant container including a frame to receive and support the proppant container, the frame having a top surface that receives and positions the proppant container above a conveyor to carry proppant disposed thereon away from the proppant container. The apparatus also includes a box guide assembly positioned on the top surface including a corner assembly having, two wall segments, and a guide member extending upwardly and positioned adjacent the corner assembly, the guide member including tapered portion of the guide member; the taper having a first width at a top portion of the guide member smaller than a second width at a bottom portion of the guide member. The tapered portion contacts and directs the proppant container to a desired location.




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