Filter media support core

Noyau de support de materiau filtrant


A single support core for a filter media assembly. The single support core includes a single longitudinal tube extending between a first end and a second end. A plurality of orifices are defined in the tube, the orifices align circumferentially along the longitudinal length of the tube. A first plurality of portions defined between the first end and an intermediate annular ring joint and a second plurality of portions defined between the intermediate annular ring joint and the second end. The orifices in each of the first portions and second portions are equidistance circumferentially from each other defining rings. The rings are equidistant longitudinally from each other in each of the portions and the rings are longitudinally spaced differentially in the adjacent portions. The plurality of orifices direct fluid flow through the tube to yield a high flow velocity in predetermined areas along the length of the filter assembly.




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