Data forwarding method, device, and system in software-defined networking

Procede, dispositif et systeme de transfert de donnees dans un reseautage defini par logiciel


The present invention provides a data forwarding method, device and system in software-defined networking (SDN). An SDN control device delivers active flow entries according to network topological information, and the active flow entries are not related to a service and are only related to the network topological information; and after the active flow entries are delivered, the active flow entries can be repeatedly used in data forwarding. After receiving data, the SDN control device delivers passive flow entries to part of switching devices, and the passive flow entries are related to the service but are only delivered to part of the switching devices. The number of flow entries delivered by the SDN control device to part of the switching devices is decreased, and accordingly, the occupation of resources of the SDN control device and the switching devices by the flow entries is reduced.




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