Devices and methods for treating the skin using a rollerball or a wicking member

Dispositifs et procedes de traitement de la peau a l'aide d'une bille ou d'un element a meche


According to some embodiments, a skin treatment assembly comprises a handpiece comprising a distal end, the handpiece comprising a recess or cavity configured to receive a cartridge or other fluid container, a tip configured to be positioned along the distal end of the handpiece, the tip being configured to contact a skin surface of a subject during use, and at least one rollerball configured to extend to or near the tip, wherein the rollerball is configured to be in fluid communication with an interior of a cartridge or other fluid container secured to the handpiece, wherein the at least one rollerball is configured to contact the skin surface of the subject during use and to facilitate the delivery of fluids to said skin surface as the rollerball is moved relative to said skin surface.




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