Plasma-assisted method and system for treating raw syngas comprising tars

Procede assiste par plasma et systeme de traitement de gaz de synthese brut comprenant des goudrons


The invention provides a system and method for conversion of raw syngas and tars into refined syngas, while optionally minimizing the parasitic losses of the process and maximizing the usable energy density of the product syngas. The system includes a reactor including a refining chamber for refining syngas comprising one or more inlets configured to promote at least two flow zones: a central zone where syngas and air/process additives flow in a swirling pattern for mixing and combustion in the high temperature central zone; at least one peripheral zone within the reactor which forms a boundary layer of a buffering flow along the reactor walls, (b) plasma torches that inject plasma into the central zone, and (c) air injection patterns that create a recirculation zone to promotes mixing between the high temperature products at the core reaction zone of the vessel and the buffering layer, wherein in the central zone, syngas and air/process additives mixture are ignited in close proximity to the plasma arc, coming into contact with each other, concurrently, at the entrance to the reaction chamber and method of using the system.




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