Vehicule d'administration de medicament topique polyvalent et hydratant tissulaire multifactoriel qui permet la restauration de la barriere muqueuse et cutanee

Versatile topical drug delivery vehicle and multifactorial tissue moisturizer that provides mucosal and skin barrier restoration


Provided is a topical formulation comprising (1) three or more of the following four components a through d, or (2) component c and one or more of components a, b or d: (a) a skin barrier repair formulation comprising fatty acid, bilayer-stabilizing steroid, and complex lipid (CL), wherein the weight ratio of CL to steroid is from about 1.5:1 to about 8:1, and the weight ration of CL to FA is from about 4:1 to about 1:1, the lipids present in an amount from about 3 % wt. to about 10 % wt.; (b) a natural moisturizer formulation, wherein the natural moisturizers are urea, urocanic acid, pyrrolidone-5-carboxylic acid, lactic acid or free amino acid; (c) one or more retinoids in an amount from about 0.01 % wt. to about 10 % wt.; or (d) taurine in an amount from about 0.1 % wt. to about 5 % wt.




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