Produit forme de metal comprenant une partie tubulaire presentant une fente et procede de fabrication associe, et dispositif de fabrication et matrice utilises pour celui-ci

Formed metal item including tubular part with slit, method for producing the same, and producing device and die assembly used in method for producing the same


This disclosed manufacturing method is a manufacturing method for manufacturing a metal formed product including a tubular part (1e) having a slit (3). This manufacturing method includes: a step (i) for forming a U-shaped part that has a U-shaped cross section, by deforming a sheet metal; and a step (ii) for forming the tubular part (1e) having the slit, by deforming the U-shaped part using a die (20) having a protrusion (23), in such a way that the protrusion is held between the two ends of the U-shaped part. In the step (ii), a cross-sectional circumferential length LH of the tubular part (1e) is made shorter than a cross-sectional length LU of the U-shaped part.




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