Composition d'encre blanche pour impression a jet d'encre de type photodurcissable

Photocurable white ink composition for inkjet printing


The present invention addresses the issue of providing a white ink composition for photocurable inkjet printing, that has: good curing properties in thin film when curing using ultraviolet rays, in particular ultraviolet rays having a light-emitting diode (LED) as a light source therefor; and good adhesiveness, solvent resistance, scratch resistance, discharge stability, and storage stability for polyvinyl sheets, etc. The white ink composition for photocurable ink jet printing has a viscosity of no more than 100 mPa·s at 25°C and contains a photopolymerizable component, titanium dioxide, and 3%-20% by mass of an acylphosphine oxide-based photopolymerization initiator relative to the total mass of the photopolymerizable component, said photopolymerizable component not substantially including vinylformamide and containing, relative to the total mass of the photopolymerizable component: 0.1%-20% by mass of an ether group-containing monofunctional monomer; 35%-70% by mass of an cyclic structure-containing monofunctional monomer; ; and 5%-40% by mass of a polyfunctional monomer.




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