The present invention relates to a shut-off valve, in particular a shut-off valve for use on a cylinder containing pressurised fluid. A system comprises a plurality of shut-off valves (100), each for use on a cylinder (102) containing pressurised fluid, each shut-off valve (100) comprising: a valve element movable between an open position and a closed position; a controller (104); and a wireless signal receiver (110), wherein: each controller (104) is operable to move the valve element from the open position to the closed position in response to a wireless signal that is received by the wireless signal receiver (110); the system further comprises a control panel (300) located remotely from the plurality of the shut-off valves (100) and comprising a signal emitter (302), the control panel (300) is operable to transmit the signal, via the signal emitter (302), to the wireless signal receivers (110) of the shut-off valves (100) to thereby instruct the controllers (104) to move the valve elements of the plurality of shut-off valves (100) to the closed position.




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